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Monday, 10 December 2018

Does Bluetooth Use Data on iPhone, Apple Watch, Car, Fitbit?

Does Bluetooth use data on iPhone, Apple Watch, Car or when playing music?

If you've ever stopped to wonder, then you're pretty smart!

It may seem like something most people wouldn't give much consideration, as to how a connection ensues between two Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc.

To answer your question, no Bluetooth does not use data allowance and I'll tell you why that is shortly.

A Bluetooth-enableddevice relies on wireless connectivity to transmit data between paired devices.

The data, in this case, is the song, video, pictures, games, apps, or documents that are to be shared.

Therefore, it is not your internet data that is used in the process which you may have assumed it is.

does Bluetooth use data

Can you use Bluetooth Without Internet?

Yes, you can you use Bluetooth without Internet!

Turn your internet data on or off and it will not affect your ability to share files and neither will it affect its speed.

Besides, the rate at which your files are sent is determined by the distance between the transmitter (sending device) and receiver (receiving device).

If that answers your question and there are still more you'll like to know when it comes to Bluetooth devices, then check out the following:

What is a Bluetooth?

A Bluetooth is a technology that allows you to connect two or more devices together. 

As earlier stated, it makes use of wireless connectivity to transmit data at a short range.

For this reason, an increase in the distance between connecting devices may break the connection.

You can share files via Bluetooth, listen to music with your headphone, print a document in another room, and even transmit your songs to be played on a Vinyl turntable or Bookshelf speakers.

Formerly known as a short-link radio technology before it was renamed Bluetooth, this technology creates a hands-free connection which does not rely on cables.

The devices that make use of Bluetooth are:

  • Laptops
  • Computers
  • Smartphones
  • Bluetooth headset
  • Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Bluetooth GPS Device
  • Bluetooth-Equipped Printer
  • Inbuilt car Bluetooth system
  • Bluetooth-Enabled Webcam

What is the Difference Between WIFI and Bluetooth?

The major differences between a WiFi and Bluetooth can be narrowed down to their speed of connection, the range of connection as well as the ability to share internet data and connect when cell service is disabled.

1. The speed of connection:

A WiFi connection is faster than a Bluetooth connection which is why your files get delivered on time when you share them via WiFi.

You can pair your Android smartphone to your Computer's WiFi, or your smartphone to a Wireless headphone, and even to another smartphone and your files will be shared more speedily.

Therefore, videos, songs, games, apps, etc. that are sent over the WiFi are delivered on time in comparison to a Bluetooth.

2. The range of connection:

A WiFi connection covers a longer range which means you can be in a different room while sending files to another person and the files will still be sent.

The same cannot be said about a Bluetooth connection that covers about 10 meters.

3. Ability to share internet data:

It is also interesting to note that while you may be unable to connect to the internet using your Bluetooth unless you use the Bluetooth tethering option, you can do so via Wifi Connection.

Wi-fi means wireless fidelity and as such, you can create your own local network where others around you can connect to.

Connected devices can share data and files seamlessly and from a long range.

In the same vein, you can turn on your phone's WiFi Hotspot and connect it to your computer which will enable you to browse.

Carrying out the same connection using your Bluetooth will only allow you to share files.

Conclusively, a WiFi does more than allow you to share files to another device because it also allows you to share internet data.

4. Connecting in Airplane Mode:

The advantage of using a Bluetooth over WiFi is that a Bluetooth can work without WiFi or cell service.

Your phone or computer can be in an airplane mode and you will still be able to share files using your Bluetooth.

On the other hand, a WiFi connection will rely that the device you're paired to have cell service in order to transmit data seamlessly.

How Does a Bluetooth Work in Smartphones?

Bluetooth transmits data using radio waves.

These are signals that are not easily interfered and as such, a line of sight between the receiver and transmitter may not be needed for data transmission.

Moreover, these radio waves are strong enough to pass through walls when data is being transmitted

Is Bluetooth free?

Yes, Bluetooth is totally free.

This is because it does not take your internet data allowance when connections are set up.

The question that has led many to ask, does it cost to use Bluetooth in a car or does Bluetooth use data Fitbit?

So, no!

There are no hidden charges when you wirelessly connect to your car or the Fitbit smartwatch.

Does Bluetooth Use More Battery?

Yes, it does!

You may have noticed that your battery tends to drain faster after setting up a Bluetooth connection.

But then, the battery drain will be slower if the Bluetooth is just on and no activity is taking place.

This means a negligible amount of battery power is drained when a Bluetooth is on, but more power is used while the transmission is in progress.

Versions of Bluetooth on Android and iPhone 

There are several versions of Bluetooth on Android and iPhone smartphones and these are:

  • Bluetooth 1.0 and 1.0B
  • Bluetooth 1.1
  • Bluetooth 1.2
  • Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • Bluetooth 3.0 + HS
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Bluetooth 5

The Bluetooth 5 is the latest version and it was launched in June 2016, but most Android phones with the latest version of the OS such as Marshmallow, Nougat, or Oreo will have the Bluetooth 4.2.

Here's How to Check Bluetooth Version on Android:

Do the following to check Bluetooth version on Android,
  • Turn on your Bluetooth
  • Goto your phone's settings
  • Navigate to  'Apps' or 'Apps management'
  • Move to the section 'All'
  • Scroll down and select 'Bluetooth Share'

You can also update the Bluetooth version of your Android by updating your Android OS.

The version of Bluetooth of your iPhone will also be determined on by the phone's iOS version.


iPhone 4 supports Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP

iPhone 4s supports Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP, LE

 iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c support Bluetooth 4.0

 iPhone 6 and 6 plus support 4.0 A2DP, LE

iPhone 6s or 6s plus support 4.2 A2DP,

iPhone 7 or 7 plus support 4.2 A2DP, LE

 iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X support Bluetooth 5

Here's How to Check Bluetooth Version on iPhone:

  • Select the main menu
  • Click on About Bluetooth
  • Click on the More Info
  • Click on the System Report
  • Choose 'Bluetooth' from the left sidebar next to 'Hardware'
  • Look for 'LMP Version' and you'll see the version

Does the Type of Bluetooth Determine the Speed of Connection?

Yes, it does. Newer versions of Bluetooth will tend to transfer files faster than older versions. 


Whether you're using Bluetooth with your headphone, apple watch, Fitbit, car, iTunes, or Spotify, it will tend not to use your internet data.

Therefore, there's really nothing to worry or be confused about when it comes to Bluetooth and data usage especially if you've not turned on the Bluetooth tethering option.

Also, an inactive Bluetooth will not drain much battery compared to when files are being transferred.