Thursday, 2 August 2018

Cute iPhone 6S Cases

The list of cute iPhone 6 cases outlined in this post can do so much more for you. These cases are cheap and they can easily be purchased from several e-commerce sites. That is to say, you can get a cute protective iPhone 6 case from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. Popular for their unique design, they can enhance the outlook of your smartphone over the use of standard cases that may only be available in black, white, or blue colors.

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The 2015 iPhone 6S as a predecessor to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, is one of the most popular Apple smartphones to date. It has an admirable design and strengthened chassis which can be attributed to the premium material used for its build. Thus, one may wonder why they'll need a casing in the first place for a device that is already built to last. But wait for a second, I'll tell you!

Benefits of Phone Cases

Here are some benefits of using a protective iPhone 6s case for your high-end smartphone. All these can easily be achieved with just an affordable iPhone 6S Case.

1. Maintains the phone's quality over time

Unarguably, the major reason why anyone would need a high-quality iPhone 6s casing is to increase the lifetime of their phone. The raised bezels in these cases can protect the phone's screen and camera, allowing it to be placed on its front or back without scratching. Also, the phone is shielded to reduce the impacts from falls and made to be less slippery while it is being handled. 

2. Aesthetic appeal

Other than finding an iPhone 6S case in pink, black, white, or gold color, you can find ones sporting a unique design to match your taste and fashion. That is why we have outlined several designer iPhone 6s cases that are already a daily part of some users of this smartphone. Want to step up the look of your iPhone 8S? Then try out one of these cases. 

3. Heat resistance

One more benefit of an iPhone 6S casing is that it provides a suitable temperature for your phone, where it does not overheat due to the weather conditions in the environment it is being operated. This is because of the Thermo properties of these cases that conduct less heat to the phone, thereby reducing the effect of heat on the phone.

5 Cute Protective iPhone 6 Cases

Our selection process for the coolest and cutest iPhone 6S cases is based on the reviews and recommendations of users on Amazon who are currently using one or more of these cases. That being so, you can expect the same level of experience while using one of these cases which have been made compatible to fit the 4.7-inch screen iPhone 6/6s. They include the following:

  • Vofolen Impact Resistant Hybrid iPhone 6 Wallet Case  
  • Akna Collection High Impact Flexible Silicon Case 
  • CellEver iPhone 6/6s Case 
  • Ulak Slim Fit Dual Layer Protective Case Fit
  • Yokirin 3D Luxury Bling Liquid Case 

1. Vofolen Impact Resistant Hybrid iPhone 6 Wallet Case  

cute iphone 6s case
Vofolen Impact Resistant Hybrid is one of the most attractive designs for the iPhone 6S casing. Available in several colors including blue, green, gray, gold, purple, and red, you will most likely find one in your favorite color. It is made from PC material which is hard, scratch resistant, and shock absorbent to ensure its durability.

Likewise, this rubber case for the iPhone 6S has an exact cutting for its charger, speaker, and headset ports to maintain the level of the device's functionality. On the other hand, you will have to still acquire an iPhone 6s screen protector since this casing does not come with a front cover. Instead, the front case has a raised lip to prevent scratches if placed faced down on a surface.

Other features include:

  • Shockproof  and scratch resistant
  • A hidden pocket card holder for holding up to 2 cards
  • Soft TPU inner case for tight fitting and drop resistance against minor drops

Where to buy: Amazon

2. Akna Collection High Impact Flexible Silicon Case 

cute iphone 6s case

The Akna Case for the iPhone 6 and 6S is not only reputable for its cheap price and features but its unique dreaming marble design. This case has a two-layer technology to offer maximum protection from scratches and cracks that may be inevitable. It is very easy to install and remove, and the cutouts for its ports as well as its buttons have been correctly sized to provide seamless operation. 

You'll find a front lip on the front cover which serves to protect the screen incase it is placed on its front. You can also use a screen protector for the iPhone 6S conveniently with it. At a dimension of 7.9 x 3.9 x 0.8 inches, this case is still slim enough to allow the phone to be used with ease and carried about in a pocket. Thus, you will not be sacrificing portability for protection. 

Other features of the Akna Collection High Impact Flexible Silicon Case include:

  • High definition graphics
  • Bouncy button reaction using the 3rd generation of fingerReaction technology

Where to buy: Amazon

3. CellEver iPhone 6/6s Case 

cute iphone 6s case

If you're not only looking for the coolest iPhone 6S case on Amazon, but one that is waterproof, sandproof, and shock resistant, then you may want to try the CellEver iPhone 6/6s Case. With an IP68 rating, this case on your iPhone allows it to be immersed in about 2 meters water for 1 hour. For this reason, your phone is protected in the rain and even while in the pool.

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Color options available for this case include Lime Green, Red, Purple, Ocean Blue, Black, and White. Regions for the speaker, microphone, volume and power buttons, and cameras have been perfectly sized to maintain the device's level of performance. Asides a case in its package, you'll also find accessories like a cleaning cloth. headphone adapter,  hand strap, and a RedPepper prying tool.

Other features include:

  • Lightweight of 0.96 ounces
  • Water, dust, and shock resistant
  • Sound enhancement system for clear audio quality
  • Anti-reflective optical lens for high-quality pictures and video
  • Rotating Mute Wheel to control your iPhone 6S's mute feature without removing the case.

Where to buy: Amazon

4. Ulak Slim Fit Dual Layer Protective Case Fit

cute iphone 6s case

The Ulak Slim Fit Dual Layer Protective Case Fit as the name implies offers a dual-layer case for your iPhone 6s. This silicone case with a hard PC back panel has a marble pattern, but it is also available in several other designs. Being a shockproof amd Skid-proof anti-scratch case, your phone can be protected from the impacts of slips and falls and generally, from any potential harm in future.

Despite being a two-layer case, at a dimension of 5.8 x 2.9 x 0.4 inches and weight of 0.32 ounces, this case still maintains the slim build of the iPhone 6S and does not add any significant weight. Also, it has been designed to give full access to the buttons and ports in a bid to maintain the level of functionality.

Other features include:
  • Raised bevel to protect the screen from scratching
  • Large Cut-Outs for large headphone jack and ports
  • Available in vibrant colors of rose gold, purple/black, red/back and  Turquoise/grey

Where to buy: Amazon

5. Yokirin 3D Luxury Bling Liquid Case 

cute iphone 6s case
A cool iPhone 6s case specially designed for girls and college students is the Yokirin 3D Luxury Bling Liquid Case. Its unique design of stars/glitters and heart contained in a transparent liquid gives it a sparkling design. According to its manufacturer, this liquid which helps to give the case wallet its sparkle is a safe skin lotion grade oil. 

One can get this case in different color options including purple, brown, red, black, white, pink, blue bling, and rose. Whichever you decide to settle on, you can get a fashionable and comfortable to hold case from this brand, and one that is made from an Acrylic TPU material. The sides and corners of this material are protected and its edges are raised to protect the screen and cameras.

Other features include:

  • Wallet for storing credit cards and ID cards
  • Protective shockproof and scratchproof bumper
  • A dimension of 7.4 x 3.4 x 1.4 inches and weight of 1.76 ounces

Where to buy: Amazon


These are the coolest iPhone 6 and 6S cases out there, and they are not only popular for their unique design, but their ability to provide a protective covering for your iPhone. Each of these can be purchased directly from Amazon, eBay, Walmart and other reputable online stores. In need of more like the listed above? Then you can also find cute iPhone 6S cases on Tumblr.