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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Olympics Live Stream Free 2018

An Olympic live stream for free is the desire of every Sports fanatic.

This is because it is more exciting to watch live Olympics videos than settling for ones that are already days, weeks, and months old.

Look at it this way,

With a live streaming of Olympics online, Instead of being told the highlights of events on social Networks like Reddit, you can watch it unravel before your very eyes.

On a more brighter side,

A free Olympic Channel live stream will still give you the same uninterrupted connection to the event; events that are displayed in a high video quality.

NBC olympics tv schedule

What are Olympics?

Olympic Games are Summer and Winter Sport events that are held every four years in commemoration of the Ancient Greece Olympic games.

In recent times, this event features athletes from over 200 different countries that are in competition with each other for a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal.

Participating countries are not limited to Australia, Nigeria, the USA, the UK, Norway, Italy, Uruguay, Netherlands, Pakistan, Germany, Zambia, Turkey, Singapore, Paraguay, and New Zealand.

It gets better!

The Modern Olympic Games do not only feature Sports played by Able-bodied Teenagers and Adults around the world, it also makes room for Paralympic Games suited for athletes with physical disabilities.

Live Streaming Olympics Online

A Winter Olympics live streaming will allow you to watch the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics hosted by North and South Korea, online.

This Olympics includes sports such as Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Cross Country Skiing, Curling, Figure Skating, Ice Hockey, Luge, Snowboard, Nordic combined, and Short Track Speed Skating.

Each of these, using an Olympics schedule made by the International Olympic Committee has one or more representatives that are in competition with other countries.

That being so,

If your country has not been banned from partaking in any of the mentioned above Olympics like the Russian Olympic team, you might find a live streaming needful and more entertaining.

How to Watch Olympics Online

To watch the 2018 Winter Olympics live in Australia, the UK, and the US, it follows streaming from a Channel that is connected to the event.

Some of these Channels that cover the games have an Olympic app that makes it easy for people to access these videos.

They include:

  • Channel 7
  • NBC
  • The Olympic Network
  • CNBC

1. Channel 7: 

Channel 7 is a  free-to-air Olympics Network station that has a full coverage during the Summer and Winter Sports.

This means that you can either tune into this Channel on the day of the event or stream directly from their website or Mobile app for free.

If you chose to stream Olympics online, you can be assured that you'll have uninterrupted access as long as your internet network is fast and stable.

This is because live streaming Olympics on Channel 7 is not from third party remote servers that may affect the speed of the connection.

In this regards,

For Olympic Channel live stream free, athlete biographies, up-to-date medal tallies, and video highlights, you can download the 7PLUS Olympic apps for Android, iOS, and PC.

2. NBC:

There is also an NBC Olympics TV schedule for all the Sports in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

If you're in the United States, NBC Live streaming lets you watch Luge, Figure Skating, Freestyle skating, Biathlon, Skeleton, Curling and many more Olympic games.

What's required?

You need to sign up for NBC's Live TV service at NBCOlympics.com and then install the NBC Sports app for your most preferred device.

There are variations of the NBC Olympics app to make it compatible with Android phones, iPhone, iPads, as well as TVs and PCs.

The mobile app for each OS can be downloaded from Google Play and iTunes, the TV app from Amazon, and the PC app from Windows 10 store.


You can stream Olympic live videos on TV from NBC's website or mobile app by connecting your television to your phone using a Chromecast plug for HDTVs.

Now, your TV's screen quality will determine the brightness and sharpness of videos.

Free Olympic Channel live stream

To stream videos on each of these Olympic Channels for free, we'll make use of  Live Streaming Service providers such as TV Player, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu Olympic Live TV, and FuboTV.

Live TV Services:

Now that you know the Channels, how can you stream Olympic videos for free?

I'll tell you!

While you may have to pay before online streaming of Olympic games on NBC, there are TV services that give you a 5 to 7 day free Trial time before payment is required.

These services have different Sports channels such as the NBC, NBC Sports Network, CNBC, USA, and Olympic Channel. 

Each Channel covers a certain number of the Olympics Sports:

  • The 15 major Olympic sports are covered on both NBC Channels, 
  • Men and Women Hockey is aired on the USA Network Channel,  
  • Curling Sports is aired on CNBC, 
  • A live News broadcast on Victory Ceremonials and Victory Ceremonials on The Olympics Channel.

The US-based and Uk-based Live TV Streaming service providers you can use are:


Using any of these services, you can log into the NBC website (While trying to watch a video) or Sports app and begin streaming live videos.

Best VPN Service Providers in 2018

Nothing can be more annoying than trying to watch your favorite Athlete or Sports than being told, 'Sorry, this service does not support your region'.

Now you have two options:

You can either relocate to the US/the UK or give up watching the videos not until your local Channel finally airs it.😏

On the other hand, we must always create a third option and that is, using a VPN service that will change and hide your IP address.

Here's how to watch 2018 Olympics online anywhere in the World using VPN.

You may be wondering,

What is a VPN and why do I need a VPN?

A VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network.

From its full name, we know its main purpose and that is to hide your Internet Protocol (IP) Address that is used by a Website to know which country you're accessing their pages from.

The listed below are some of the best VPN services for 2018 for Live streaming of Olympics online.

  • Hola

These VPNs come with a trial period of up to 30 days which allows you to use their services for free within a specified period of time;

And before that time, the Olympics would've ended!😆


Download and Install any of these best free VPNs on your Android or PC.

After Installation, launch the app and select the region you want to switch to.


Now that you know where to watch the Winter Olympics 2018 for free using a VPN, whether you are in the US, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, India, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, France, Sweden, Ireland, Kenya, South Africa, China, Japan, and Egypt you can watch the Winter Olympics 2018 via Youtube TV, Hulu TV, and many more.

Live streaming Olympics will save you the cost of flying across the world to watch an event instead of making expenses that will only leave you freezing in the PyeongChang stadium. Have you missed any of your favorite sports in the Olympics? you can follow the Olympics live stream Subreddit